Four elements

Let me introduce my personnal Idylles : the four elements.

Each doll is a different parts combinaison, to get four dolls with various sizes and morphologies. They shows all customisation potential with à-la-carte doll concept.

4 éléments44 éléments34 elements24 éléments1

Details of each doll :

visage Diane / petit buste / bassin juvénile / cuisses fines / mollets longs

visage Lazuli / buste rond / bassin corset / cuisses fines / mollets longs

visage Amaryllis / buste moyen / bassin mature / cuisses larges / mollets longs

visage Sélène / buste XXL / bassin botticelli / cuisses larges / mollets courts

The true Idylle project

It is time to show you what really is the Idylle Project.

It is not only a new doll body, but 64 bodies and (for now) 3 heads, so 192 unique dolls possibilities that I will introduce at the doll rendez-Vous in Paris.


cadre1 cadre3 cadre2

  • 3 heads (more incoming soon)
  • 4 busts
  • 4 abdomens
  • 2 thighs
  • 2 calfs.
  • Soooooo many hand poses (15 pose for each hand)
  • flat feet, curved feet and hight heel shoes

I made this projet for everybody can compose his very personnal doll. I wanted to offer several morphologies, addind or removing curves.

All parts goes on all others, enableling to compose many body possibilities.

It permit to give new body for Amaryllis and Sibylline.Idylle (2)siby avant après

And all this will be shown to you Sunday at the Doll rendez-vous in Paris. Come and see !

lolita2 lolita3 lolita1 Siby1 Siby3 Siby2

New body for the Galatées

I promised news for the Doll RDV this winter. He it comes !

My MSD and YoSD bodies was created respectively for 4 and 3 years, and they have many imperfections. My timid attempt to rework the Amaryllis body last year was not a significant improvement.

My decision is made, I redo a body for these ladies. a new body named Idylle :

Idylle (1)   Idylle (3)

I work on the basis of Amaryllis body and I keep the general spirit of his plump silhouette.

Idylle (2)But I do some radical transformations. Notably, the proportions of the body. The new body is to bring greater proportions and a more realistic look. It is also more posable thanks to two double joints added on legs.

Idylle (4)  Idylle (5)

Now that the general forms are established, I enter the stage finishes. Hoping to post new pictures soon.

Work in progress – Etamine

Etamine is a project I am developing in secret for several months.
I wanted a funny doll without  worry realism and proportions.

etamine-proto (3)

What do it got special ?

etamine-proto (7)

Its size.
The doll is 10,5cm tall.

It is not finish yet, I think I can improve it.

Lazuli is finished

MSD head « lazuli » prototype is finished now. It will be moulded and resin casted soon.

Finally, its realistic proportions makes it more adapted for 44 or 45cm body. It is a little big for a 42cm MSD standard body.

Work in progress : Lazuli

Many new projects in progress in my workshop.

atelier2 atelier1
messy workshop = work in progress.

The first project I will show you now is Lazuli.

lazuli4 lazuli3This is a MSD BJD head. I wanted to make it more realistic than de Sibylline’s head. And the androgynous face will enable adaptation on both male and female MSD body.

The shop is open

I am happy to announce that the LesGalatees shop has just opened on Etsy!

Many dolls are still for sale after Ldoll Festival and the shop will fill up gradually, a new doll each week.