New body for the Galatées

I promised news for the Doll RDV this winter. He it comes !

My MSD and YoSD bodies was created respectively for 4 and 3 years, and they have many imperfections. My timid attempt to rework the Amaryllis body last year was not a significant improvement.

My decision is made, I redo a body for these ladies. a new body named Idylle :

Idylle (1)   Idylle (3)

I work on the basis of Amaryllis body and I keep the general spirit of his plump silhouette.

Idylle (2)But I do some radical transformations. Notably, the proportions of the body. The new body is to bring greater proportions and a more realistic look. It is also more posable thanks to two double joints added on legs.

Idylle (4)  Idylle (5)

Now that the general forms are established, I enter the stage finishes. Hoping to post new pictures soon.

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