Partnership with Delffey

Several Galatees projects were done in partnership with the artist Delffey.

Contrary to the way of working I use for les Galaées (traditionnal handmade sculpting), Delffey uses digital modelisation and 3D printing.

Idylle project :

Delffey made the prototype of some pieces of a la carte Idylle dolls.

  • Idylle hands.
  • Idylle hight heel feet and shoes, based on the flat feet I hand sculpted.
  • Some Idylle faces designed to fit the standard Idylle head back.

Myosotis project:

Myosotis is an hybrid project. The body is designed in 3D modelisation by Delffey, and the head is the Lazuli head I handmade some years ago, then I modified to fit this new body.  After the 3D modelisation step by Delffey, I printed the body, modified it, sanded it and cast it. The work is still in progress. Now I am just modifying and sanding the doll.

Delffey’s modelisation :

Modifications and sanding of the 3D printed body :