Lazuli is finished

MSD head « lazuli » prototype is finished now. It will be moulded and resin casted soon.

Finally, its realistic proportions makes it more adapted for 44 or 45cm body. It is a little big for a 42cm MSD standard body.

Amaryllis preorder !

Now you can preorder your Amaryllis and choose the color.


Amaryllis is an handmade BJD in artist cast limited edition.
Size of the doll : 35cm
Size of wig : 5,5
Size of eyes : 10mm

For the first three  orders, wig and eyes are offered.

Choices of skin color :
– cream,
– normal skin,
– coffee tan,
– pink,
– light blue,
– light green,
– lavander,
– grey.


Work in progress : Lazuli

Many new projects in progress in my workshop.

atelier2 atelier1
messy workshop = work in progress.

The first project I will show you now is Lazuli.

lazuli4 lazuli3This is a MSD BJD head. I wanted to make it more realistic than de Sibylline’s head. And the androgynous face will enable adaptation on both male and female MSD body.

The shop is open

I am happy to announce that the LesGalatees shop has just opened on Etsy!

Many dolls are still for sale after Ldoll Festival and the shop will fill up gradually, a new doll each week.

Welcome on Les Galatées

Hello everyone, I‘m Anne-So, a french art dolls maker. Discover on my website – now available in english – my work and my dolls : Les Galatées.


What is a BJD?

A BJD is a ball jointed doll, giving it realistic human poses.

These dolls can be customized. The opportunity to make up the resin, as well as change eye, hair and clothing, allow their owner to give them a custom look.

Many companies (mostly Asian) produce this type of dolls in mass. Rarer independent artists create their own dolls, unique or limited series. I am one of those.