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Idylle poses.

I never took the time to show you the Idylle doll poses possibilities . Today, some pictures to give you an idea on possible poses.

Furnitures and magic accessories

Hello everybody !
I always try to offer to my doll an universe.


So I got and made a lot of furnitures and accessories to create the small world of dolls. I offer some of these on my etsy shop. The theme of the day is « magic and divination ».

accessoires magieYou will discover soon : parchment, ink wells, runes, candles , pots and ouija boards for your BJD.

But also other things already available :

  • copper thingsmarmites
  • vasesvases
  • tea setsthé
  • chairs and armchairschaises
  • music instrumentsInstruments de musique miniatures